Precious memories forever

Artisan crafted to your bespoke dreams.

Vibes are free, and planning to get them can be a costly affair. We love bringing flowers to weddings big and small and believe that everyone should be able to experience the wonderful feeling of holding that beautiful fresh bouquet or standing under an arbor brimming with greenery and roses. Event flowers are an investment, Artisan crafted to your bespoke dreams.

To give our clients the best possible experience, we have a $700 event minimum investment. On average our clients spend $3500 to give their wedding some coverage from the ceremony to the reception. 




Our entry-level brides can expect standard flower varieties arranged in an artful and creative way for personal and party flowers for 3-6 bridesmaids. We are happy to provide al carte upgrades for floral stems or coverage. 



Mid-level would be a blend of standard and some upgraded blooms featuring personal and party flowers as well as a feature alter design and possibly some other flowers sprinkled here and there throughout the reception.



Luxury-level brides can expect upgraded and unique floral choices with all personal and party flowers, as well as curated themes for the reception and bespoke installations at the alter and side areas. 


Unique installations

Unique installations are one of our favorite topics. If you have a vision for a floral cloud or wall, please talk to us! We have experience with overhead, climbing, or floor installations as well as floral chandeliers, shapes, and photo booths. 

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